Pages & Numbers Updates Are Killing Some Macs

Last week, Apple updated the iWork suite across the web, iOS, and Mac with the Mac versions getting the biggest boost. Pages 5.1 includes the return of a number of features that were stripped away when Apple introduced compatibility for iOS 7 across the iWork line. The same goes foo Numbers, and Keynote, but it turns out there’s some nasty bugs hanging around. If you fire up either Pages 5.1, or Numbers 3.1 on certain, relatively older Macs, they become huge resource hogs.

The problem appears to be that both programs are trying to access your iTunes, and iPhoto libraries constantly, even when not called upon. The process appears in Activity Monitor showing CPU usage of over 100% in some instances. The problem appears on start-up of Pages or Numbers, but can drag on as the entire Mac becomes nearly unusable as every program is affected. The newer your Mac is, the less noticeable the problem, as faster Macs can get through some of the processes quicker. Still though, it’s a bug that has seen multiple error reports on Apple Support pages, and sadly there’s no solution as of yet.

The problem is similar to an iPhone 5 shutting off with 30% battery still available. We can only wait for Apple to fix it, and find alternative in the meantime. For the Mac issue, I have gone to TextEdit to cover most of my needs. The problem is only facing select Macs, but it’s a problem none the less that we wanted to point out to Apple’s attention.

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