‘N Action Video: Dead Trigger 2 – Fleshing Out The Zombie Shooter

DEAD TRIGGER 2The original Dead Trigger offered a deluxe in your face zombie shooter with impressive 3D graphics shown with a first person perspective. Now, there’s an all new sequel, and Dead Trigger 2 fleshes out the zombie shooter. The original didn’t have much variation, and was shallow in scope. That’s not the case with the sequel as it ties into a lengthy campaign with multiple forking special mission types as well. There’s also online connectivity where the game is influenced by players around the globe to generate global missions, and side-quests in addition to the main campaign. There are also all new zombie types, as well as huge boss battles. The great graphics engine returns, but taken up a notch for some of the best looking visuals on iOS, which is par for the course from MadFinger Games.

Dead Trigger 2 (Free, Universal) is jam packed with zombie content that you can see ‘N Action in our gameplay video below.

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