’N Action Video: Hitman GO – Becoming A Puzzle Assassin

Hitman GOHitman has proven to be popular by offering an action packed assassin adventure on consoles. Now, there’s Hitman GO for iOS, which comes in a completely different form by offering a puzzle based board game. Each level gives you a specific layout with a mechanical path to slide on as you move your Hitman piece along a track. The set-up has a fifties styling merged with present day polish, and it creates an experience that is unlike anything else in the App Store. It’s definitely a far cry from what the Hitman series is known for, and the appeal of a unique puzzle game depends upon your expectation going in. There are multiple level packs to play through with each one looking like a model set, and everything is focused on the stealth idea. You get to use distractions, hiding spots, sniper rifles, and more to get past various security guards.

Hitman GO ($4.99, Universal) doesn’t fit expectations, but it’s interesting in its own right, and you can see it ’N Action in our latest gameplay video.

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