’N Action Video: Lollipop 3: Eggs of Doom – An “Eggcentric” Arcade Experience

Lollipop 3: Eggs of DoomMoonbot Studios makes some excellent interactive apps with The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, and The Numberlys. Lollipop 3: Eggs of Doom is their first game, and takes full advantage of iOS touch screens. Eggs rain down from above, and your goal is to tap and hold them until they hatch. What makes it challenging is that multiple eggs come at once requiring multi-touch finger prowess to hold on to a few eggs at the same time. It’s an arcade action experience that includes an amusing premise with an over the top backstory that explains that there are twins, one good and one evil, and you’re saving the JoyJoy creatures that are trapped in the eggs by the evil twin. It’s an endless game with numerous upgrades as well as special challenges that you take one at a time to restore the Kitten of Splendor’s Eternal Lollipop of Joy to then unlock a new character and lollipop with new challenges.

Lollipop 3: Eggs of Doom (Free, Universal) is a highly creative eccentric offering that you can see ’N Action in our gameplay video below.

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