Fox Now Offers Full Episode Streaming On iOS

FOX NOWIn April of 2010, ABC launched an iPad app that offers full episodes of their various TV programs. Over a year later, NBC understood an episode streaming iPad app was the right move, and CBS finally joined the party at the beginning of this year. FOX was the last holdout, but that has finally changed with the new update to the FOX NOW app to finally provide full episode streaming. That means the four major networks now offer full episode streaming on iOS. There of course is a caveat, as each one limits access to specific television providers, and in the case of FOX, it’s AT&T Uverse, XFINITY, Verizon FIOS, Optimum, and Suddenlink. That leaves customers of Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Dish, Cox, and many others on the outside looking in.
If you do have access to FOX NOW you can watch such shows as Master Chef, New Girl, American Idol, Glee, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bones, and many more right on your iOS device. The full episode streaming is the new addition, but the FOX app has been around for awhile as a second screen companion, and that functionality remains. The main screen is a grid array with clips, photos, and show links based on your preferences. You can sync the app to your TV to get bonus content while watching specific FOX shows. The app also includes social integration for each individual show as well as the schedule, show clips, and episode reminders.

FOX Now (Free, Universal) is a major addition to the App Store which gives iOS access to full episodes from all four major networks, under specific restrictions. FOX joins the list of ABCNBCCBSHBONickESPNTNTCNNHGTV,TravelA&E, History, and Lifetime, and SyFy.

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