Marathon Is Now Available For Free For the iPad – Bungie’s Mac Classic FPS Rebirth

Marathon 1, originally from Bungie, is now available for the iPad, and it’s free to download. Daniel Blezek has taken the original game from 1994, and has redone it to be fully functional for the iPad. If you don’t know Marathon, it’s a Mac Classic game, which was an early project for the creators of the Halo franchise. We told you about it a couple weeks back, and now it’s on the iPad, and it runs so smooth at 30 FPS, and the retro style really shines.

The controls are easy enough, as you have a virtual stick to move, you can drag to aim or look around, and tap a button to fire. The game includes 27 levels, and it’s the complete classic game, but free to play. There are two optional in-app purchases with the first providing an HD graphics upgrade for $3.99. The second is Master Chief mode which allows you to start at any level, provides full weapons, unlimited ammo, invincibility, instant shield recharge, and instant save at any point all for $0.99.

Marathon (Free, iPad) is a great example of how to make a port for iOS, and retro gaming fans have to be giddy. Other iPad owners should definitely check out the game as it’s free to download, and is a classic game all about the gameplay.

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