Apple Releases New iPods For The First Time In Over Two Years

The 5th generation iPod touch was first introduced during the iPhone 5 event in September of 2012, and launched to the public a month later. Apple has hosted multiple events events since, without a word to be heard regarding the iPod line. Today, Apple updated the iPod line for the first time in over two years, highlighted by the 6th generation iPod touch.
The 5th generation iPod touch features the A5 chip, 5MP camera, and 4″ retina display. The brand new 6th generation iPod touch goes all the way to the new A8 chip, which is the current model powering the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Since it is such a long time between upgrades, that’s a 6x CPU boost, and 10x graphics boost for the iPod touch line, which also gains 64-bit architecture and Metal support. The same 4″ retina display returns, but the camera has been updated to an 8MP lens. The 6th gen also launches pre-loaded with iOS 8.4 to emphasize the addition of Apple Music to the iPod line.

The 6th generation iPod touch is available starting today, and comes in five new colors: blue, pink, silver, space gray, and gold. You can choose the 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB capacities with prices at $199, $249, $299, and $399, respectively to match the storage capacities.

The iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano are staying around with updates to match the colors of the 6th generation iPod touch. Other than that, the specs and prices are the same with the Nano for $149 and Shuffle for $49.

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