Apple Watch Pre-Orders Start Tonight At 12:01AM Pacific: How To Pick The Right One For You

Apple Watch pre-orders starting tonight at 12AM Pacific and 3AM Eastern. on April 10th. If you have decided you want an Apple Watch, that’s just the first step. There are a ton of choices when it comes to the Apple Watch with three collections, two watch face sizes, and six different bands. There’s a lot of information to rifle through on Apple’s website, and we wanted to make your decision as clear as possible.

First off, there’s the sizing choice, and the Apple Store app lets you view the 38mm and 42mm cases right on your iPhone to position on your wrist. Apple also has a guide to let you compare your wrist size to the fitting ranges of each of the bands. Next up is pricing, which is probably the biggest consideration. The full list is as follows,

Apple Watch Sport:
Aluminum casing, five color choices for Sport band: $349/$399 (38mm/42mm)
Apple Watch:
Stainless Steel, Sport Band (White or Black): $549/$599
Stainless Steel, Classic Buckle: $649/$699
Stainless Steel, Milanese Loop: $649/$699
Stainless Steel, Leather Loop (Black, Blue, Stone, Brown) (42mm only): $699
Stainless Steel, Modern Buckle (Black, Blue, Pink, Brown) (38mm only): $749
Stainless Steel, Link Bracelet: $949/$999
Space Black Stainless Steel, Space Black Link Bracelet: $1049/$1099
Apple Watch Edition:
18-Karat Rose Gold, White Sport Band: $10,000/$12,000
18-Karat Yellow Gold, Black Sport Band: $10,000/$12,000
18-Karat Yellow Gold, Classic Buckle (Black or Blue) (42mm only): $15,000
18-Karat Rose Gold, Modern Buckle (Red or Rose Gray) (38mm only): $17,000

You can also buy the bands individually, and switch out the ones that come standard. The pricing for the bands are as follows:

Sport band (five colors): $49
Milanese Loop: $149
Classic Buckle: $149
Leather Loop (Black, Blue, Stone, Brown) (42mm only): $149
Modern Buckle (Black, Blue, Pink, Brown) (38mm only): $249
Link Bracelet: $449

Apple does give you the option to buy the Apple Watch Sport for $349/$399, and buy the Milanese Loop, for example, for an extra $150 to bring the total to $499/$549. That would be $150 less than the $649/$699 of the standard Milanese Apple Watch by simply sacrificing the stainless steel and sapphire. No matter, how you slice it, there are a ton of choices out there. Apple will be providing in-store, by appointment, fittings of the Apple Watch beginning April 10th.

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