The Time For Apple Watch Is Now

The Apple Watch was revealed last September, and now has been priced, detailed, and dated. The main feature is choice with a number of different Apple Watch configurations to appeal to so many varying tastes. The Apple Watch comes in two main forms of 38mm and 42mm in an attempt to fit different wrist sizes. There are three main collections with Sport, Apple Watch, and Edition with 10 models in Sport, 20 varieties in Apple Watch, and eight choices in Edition. The prices range from $349 to $17,000 with a lot of variations in between.

The Apple Watch will start shipping in nine countries (United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and United Kingdom) on April 24th, with pre-orders beginning on April 10th. Pre-orders will be held at Apple Stores by appointment with special displays to try on watches before placing a pre-order. The Apple Watch will launch with an emphasis on timekeeping, communication, activity, and connection to iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. An iPhone is required to use the Apple Watch, and Apple released iOS 8.2 complete with an Apple Watch app that you use to manage apps, notifications, and contacts on your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch features 18 hour battery life of mixed use. It comes with a retina display with force touch sensitivity that also provides taptic vibration based feedback. On the inside there’s a complete system on a chip that is activated by both touch, and the scroll based digital crown on the side. There’s a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, speaker, and microphone. The Apple Watch Sport includes aluminum casing, ION-X glass covering, and five color choices of a fluoroelastomer band. The Apple Watch features stainless steel casing, sapphire crystal covering, and six band choices. The Apple Watch edition overlays the watch casing with 18-karat gold in either rose or yellow coloring, and offers three band choices.

The Apple Watch delivers 76 choices in total that are detailed below with color, mm sizing, and pricing included.

Apple Watch Sport:
Aluminum casing, five color choices for Sport band: $349/$399 (38mm/42mm)
Apple Watch:
Stainless Steel, Sport Band (White or Black): $549/$599
Stainless Steel, Classic Buckle: $649/$699
Stainless Steel, Milanese Loop: $649/$699
Stainless Steel, Leather Loop (Black, Blue, Stone, Brown) (42mm only): $699
Stainless Steel, Modern Buckle (Black, Blue, Pink, Brown) (38mm only): $749
Stainless Steel, Link Bracelet: $949/$999
Space Black Stainless Steel, Space Black Link Bracelet: $1049/$1099
Apple Watch Edition:
18-Karat Rose Gold, White Sport Band: $10,000/$12,000
18-Karat Yellow Gold, Black Sport Band: $10,000/$12,000
18-Karat Yellow Gold, Classic Buckle (Black or Blue) (42mm only): $15,000
18-Karat Rose Gold, Modern Buckle (Red or Rose Gray) (38mm only): $17,000

You can also buy the bands individually, and switch out the ones that come standard. The pricing for the bands are as follows:
Sport band (five colors): $49
Milanese Loop: $149
Classic Buckle: $149
Leather Loop (Black, Blue, Stone, Brown) (42mm only): $149
Modern Buckle (Black, Blue, Pink, Brown) (38mm only): $249
Link Bracelet: $449

The Apple Watch will arrive on wrists starting April 24th with a pre-order starting on April 10th for purchases of the Apple Watch ranging from $349-$17,000, with most models sitting between $349-$1099.

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