New Games Today: Ok Golf, Stagehand, Link Twin, And More

The App Store is swinging on to the links, so lets hop to it. Rather than looking at everything that came out, we’re going to focus on what looks to be the top 10 releases. The early highlights include a great looking golf game, a reverse platformer, a linked puzzler, and much more.

If you’re new, every Thursday Apple updates the featured apps in the App Store and developers release their apps on Thursday for a better chance of being featured. The games start appearing on Wednesday evening at 8PM local time all around the world beginning in New Zealand.

Ok Golf ($2.99, Universal)

Stagehand: A Reverse Platformer ($1.99, Universal)

Link Twin ($1.99, Universal)

Lords Of The Fallen ($9.99, Universal)

Heart Star (Free, Universal)

Spiraloid (Free, Universal)

Solid Soccer (Free, Universal)

PostKnight (Free, Universal)

Star Conflict Heroes (Free, Universal)

Maze Lord ($1.99, Universal)

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