New Games Tonight: Alchemic Maze, HeavyRockets, Loop Mania, And More

Apple is celebrating Earth Day with a two week campaign on the App Store with a variety of featured apps with Earth Day content or themed updates. That leaves fewer featured spots, so developers have held back some releases, leaving fewer new games. There’s still a lot going on this Wednesday night, just not the typical extreme amount. The early highlights include a tilt based liquid physics game, geometric racing game, over the top action game, and more.

If you’re new, every Thursday Apple updates the featured apps in the App Store and developers release their apps on Thursday for a better chance of being featured. The games start appearing on Wednesday evening at 8PM local time all around the world beginning in New Zealand.

Alchemic Maze ($2.99, Universal)

HeavyRockets ($1.99, Universal)

Loop Mania (Free, Universal)

Fallen London (Free, Universal)

Tormentum – Dark Sorrow (Free, Universal)

Orbit’s Odyssey ($2.99, Universal)

Yakin (Free, Universal)

Choppa (Free, Universal)

Save Dan (Free, Universal)

Star Knight (Free, Universal)

Fold+ ($1.99, Universal)

Pixel Machines ($1.99, Universal)

Pang Adventures (Free, Universal)

Ernie vs Evil ($1.99, Universal)

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