New Games Tonight: The Frostrune, Book of Unwritten Tales 2, Felis, And More

The Wednesday night adventure of new iOS releases is upon us. This week is filled with some interesting new adventure games to take part in. The early highlights include a viking themed point and click adventure, a deluxe adventure port, a creative cat tale, a great looking underwater adventure, and more.

If you’re new, every Thursday Apple updates the featured apps in the App Store and developers release their apps on Thursday for a better chance of being featured. The games start appearing on Wednesday evening at 8PM local time all around the world beginning in New Zealand.

The Frostrune ($4.99, Universal)

Book of Unwritten Tales 2 ($4.99, Universal)

Felis: Save all the cats! ($3.99, Universal)

Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron (Free, Universal)

Brave Caravan (Free, iPhone)

Corpse Party: Blood Drive ($12.99, Universal)

TANKOUT (Free, Universal)

Warlock’s Tower ($3.99, Universal)

Tappy Cat – Musical Kitty Arcade (Free, iPhone)

Telloy (Free, Universal)

Missileman ($2.99, Universal)

LittleSaw Nightmare ($0.99, iPhone)

Papery Planes (Free, Universal)

Edo Superstar ($1.99, iPhone)

Charming Keep (Free, Universal)

Downgeon Quest ($0.99, Universal)

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