New Games Tonight: Polymer, Ballistic, Ski Safari, The Dictator And More

It’s time to have some simple casual fun, because it’s Wednesday night, and a bunch of new iOS games are coming. This week seems to be full of games that look simple on the surface, but still pack plenty of fun. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 seemed to jump the gun a little this week. You can view all of the trailers below, and the games are set to launch at 11 PM Eastern/8 PM Pacific tonight.

If you’re new, every Thursday Apple updates the featured apps in the App Store and developers release their apps on Thursday for a better chance of being featured. They start appearing on Wednesday all around the world beginning in New Zealand (links below). We have given a brief synopsis of the most interesting titles, and be sure to stay tuned for our reviews of these games starting tomorrow.

Polymer, $0.99: An extremely creative and colorful puzzle game where you slide the pieces to make larger and larger colored shapes.

Ballistic SE, $1.99: An action packed dual stick shooter reminiscent of Geometry Wars, and from the maker of Fireball SE and Super Crossfire.

Bullistic Unleashed, $0.99: Ballistic and Bullistic in the same day? Looks like it, but you couldn’t find two different games. This one features bulls that you sling around to try to cause as much destruction as possible. You sling the bulls by their ball sack, and there’s plenty of blood and gore in one of the most mature games to hit the App Store.

Escape from Age of Monsters, $0.99: A unique endless runner where you need to break through blue and red walls, and there’s a great art style and soundtrack.

Aby Escape, Free: A 3D endless runner reminiscent of Temple Run, but with a a raccoon running through multiple environments.

Ski Safari, $0.99: You need to outrun in an avalanche in a fun and hectic looking game.

Lil’ Kingdom, Free: A tower building game similar to Tiny towers, but you’re building downwards with a medieval dragon theme.

The Dictator: Wadiyan Games, Free: A game based on the upcoming movie that is filled with mini-games, and south Park style artwork.

Cannon Cat, Free: This one looks a lot like Land-aPanda and Puffle Launch, but with a cat.

Spellsword, $0.99

Frenzy Pop, $0.99HD

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