Guinness Book of World Records Recognizes Apple

Guinness World Records has a new 2011 Gamer’s Edition which highlights Apple as a gaming company. Apple seems to have stumbled upon the next great trend in mobile gaming, and Guinness is providing World Records as proof.

The fastest selling portable gaming system is the iPhone 4 with a whopping 1.5 million units in the first day. It’s not even close with competitors, as the original Nintendo DS sold 500,000 units in a week in 2004. The Sony PSP only sold 200,000 in a week in 2005.

The most popular application marketplace is the Apple App Store with over 6.5 billion downloads as of September 2010. On the same note, the largest downloadable video game store is also the App Store with 37,362 games available as of September 2010. For another comparison, XBox Live has 1,300 titles, PC service Steam hosts 1,110, and Wii Store has 576. The App Store also had the largest launch line-up back on July 10th, 2008 with over 500 apps, of which 145 were games.

Inside the App Store there are some record breaking apps as well. Angry Birds takes the record for top paid app in most countries, as it reached that place in 67 territories. The most popular iPhone game series is Tap Tap Revenge with over 15 million downloads overall. Plants vs Zombies received a more specific record, as the fastest selling iPhone strategy games with 300,000 downloads in the first nine days.

Guinness Word Records may not be the most prestigious, but they do show how much Apple has grown in the gaming community. Apple is also ushering in a whole new charge in video games overall with a push for casual games and portability.

Check out the full press release here.

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