Apple’N’Apps & Apptudes Weekly Podcast – Beginning Anew

A podcast will always hold a special place on Apple’N’Apps, and it’s my pleasure to announce that the Apple’N’Apps weekly podcast is back in a whole new incarnation. Apple’N’Apps and Apptudes continue to join forces, and now we have the Apple’N’Apps & Apptudes Weekly podcast (and yes we’re working on a new name that’s less of a mouthful). The hosts are myself, Trevor Sheridan, Editor-in-Chief of, and Randy Dankievitch, Managing Editor of Every week, we’ll be talking about the news, apps, games, and trending topics of the week.

This is our first episode of the new podcast, and this week we discuss Apple’s Q2 financial results, WWDC, TV English Premium and other scam apps, the newest apps and games, as well as tons of updates. Without further ado, I present the podcast which you can listen to here, download from iTunes, or subscribe in your favorite podcast app.


iTunes Link

We hope you enjoy the brand new Apple’N’Apps & Apptudes Weekly podcast, and are excited to see it each and every week. You can find the podcast here on our site, in iTunes, and we’ll keep you updated on TwitterFacebook. Also, our intro song was created with GarageBand for iPad.

If you have any suggestions for the podcast, please contact us at [email protected].

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