AppleNApps Weekly Podcast – Episode Three: Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome to the AppleNApps Weekly podcast, which will be a new segment on the site and in iTunes every Friday. AppleNApps Weekly is our effort to bring you the latest and greatest of everything about apple and apps. We already provide breaking news, dozens of app reviews, and thought provoking editorials so now it’s time for a podcast to make it even easier to keep up with all the goes on in a given week.

The show will cover the hottest news, latest and greatest app reviews, and cutting edge editorials on Apple and the app industry. The hosts are Trevor Sheridan, Editor-in-Chief, and podcast expert & Apple enthusiast Rafael Chavez. The podcast will be broken down into five main sections as we cover the most intriguing topics of the week. Without further ado, here’s AppleNApps Weekly, Episode Threee which you can listen to right here, or download for later.

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For this week, Episode Three Happy Thanksgiving, we cover the following,

– The Best Thanksgiving apps
– The Best Black Friday apps
– App Sales for Thanksgiving & Black Friday

News of the Week:
– Big Fish Games Subscription app
– Only 1.2 million non-iPad sold
– Watch with eBay update

Hot Topics:
– App Store makes 90% of all revenue from mobile apps
– iPhone 4S carrier ad comparisons

New Apps:
– Domino’s Pizza Hero
– Google Search app for iPad
– Tap Tap Muppets
– NFL Pro 2012
– Jimi Hendrix App
– FingerFace
Looking back at the week as a whole

We hope you enjoy the AppleNApps Weekly podcast, and are excited to see it each and every week. You can find the podcast here on our site and iTunes every Friday, and we’ll keep you updated on Twitter, or Facebook. Also, our intro song was created with GarageBand for iPad.

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