Developer Interview: Spy vs Spy With Paul Thorsteinson Of Robots and Pencils

spy_vs_spySpy vs Spy is an App Store hit, as it already reached the number one app in the App Store, after just launching last Thursday. We sit down to discuss everything Spy vs Spy for iOS with the CTO and lead designer Paul Thorsteinson of Robots and Pencils. We talk about the process to bringing the classic Mad magazine series and 1984 game to iOS, and much more in our latest iOS developer interview podcast.

iOS developer interviews are a new feature that we will try to bring you every Tuesday (delayed this week), and they will be in addition to our weekly podcast covering all of the topics of the week. The hosts are myself, Trevor Sheridan, Editor-in-Chief of, and Randy Dankievitch, Managing Editor of You can listen to the podcast right here, download/subscribe in iTunes, add the feed in your favorite podcast app, or search AppleNApps in Apple’s new podcast app.


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We hope you enjoy the new Apple’N’Apps & Apptudes Weekly podcast, and are excited to see it each and every week. You can find the podcast here on our site, in iTunes, and we’ll keep you updated on TwitterFacebook.

Also, our intro song this week is the theme of Spy vs Spy.

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