10000000 – A New Game Experience Hidden By A Name

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Brand new gameplay style | Very engaging matching RPG set-up

Controls are problematic | Very short runs bring about repetition

10000000 is a new game that you can’t tell much about from the name, icon, or even the screenshots. Hidden behind the mystery is a very unique gaming experience that combines multiple genres for a game unlike any other on iOS. First and foremost, it’s a match three puzzle game that uses the Chuzzle mechanic of sliding rows and columns. On top of that is an RPG dungeon crawler layer where each one of your matches contributes to moving forward. There’s also an endless runner feel as your time is limited, and you simply try to battle for as long as you can.

You’re given an 8×7 grid filled with icons for sword attacks, magical attacks, shields, keys, stone, wood, and backpacks. Above the screen is your character, and the dungeon filled with enemies, chests and gates. When you reach an enemy, you will need to match swords and magic staffs to defeat them, and when you reach a gate or chest you will need to match keys. Matches of the other elements will help you in the long run. The dungeon runs don’t last that long, as you’re not given much time, but there’s an overall RPG leveling system involved.

You can use stones, wood, and coins to improve your castle allowing you to unlock rooms to upgrade your sword, staff, armor, and special abilities. You can keep improving your character, and you will need to do so, because the enemies keep getting tougher. The game is filled with retro graphics and music to round out the mold breaking game. There’s a whole lot of potential, but there are some problems with execution at this point mainly revolving around the control system.

The game is all about speed, but it’s tough to slide the rows and columns quickly. There are also a number of touches that aren’t registered by the game properly too. Once you make a match the controls are locked out as everything falls into place, so you can’t build up combos, and you can’t begin to make your next move, again even though time is of the essence. Each run is just so short that you can never get into the flow of the game, and the short spans you play become extremely repetitive. Also, if you make matches while you’re running in between obstacles, they have no impact on your next obstacle, and can be wasted. The entire game has its problems, but can keep you playing despite logic to the contrary, similar to Pocket Heroes.

10000000 ($1.99, Universal) is a very neat idea that could use some polishing making it worth considering depending on how you weigh promise versus execution.


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