2013: Infected Wars – Battling An Infection Together

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 1.5/5

Blast zombies with an online friend | A lengthy campaign

Extremely repetitive | No voice chat in co-op | Graphics degrade as you go


Shooting zombies may be the most prevalent thing you can do on iOS, and 2013: Infected Wars offers even more mutant zombies to blast through. The game is set-up as a familiar third person shooter, but what sets it apart is that there’s a complete co-op campaign. That’s a rarity on iOS, especially when it comes to a deluxe 3D shooter game. You can play the entire campaign solo, but the choice is there to play with a Game Center friend, or random player to battle through the zombie waves together. The storyline revolves around an Al-Qaeda virus attack that turns the population into mutants, and you’re one of the last uninfected left.
It’s a lengthy campaign with a double digit number of extended missions, and that includes multiple enemy types with boss battles. There are also 14 weapons to unlock and upgrade all in an attempt to mow down as many mutants as possible. Another major feature of the game is deluxe 3D graphics from the Unreal engine presenting some in your face mutants. The problem with the graphics is that the mutant design is relatively rudimentary, and the environments seem to degrade in quality as you move through the missions. The first mission is set in a subway, which is quite intricate, but each subsequent mission is more bland and blocky.

The entire game revolves around blasting through zombies, and while the action is inherently repetitive, it seems even more so in 2013: Infected Wars. Each mission is set-up as a series of arenas where you simply shoot a few waves of zombies to advance to the next section with some new waves. There is virtually no variation in just tapping the fire button over and over again. The game just lacks any type of engagement, so that it’s just mindless tapping which you have seen numerous times before. This version in particular sets up each mutant wave so similarly that it feels like a chore to keep going through the game. There’s no enticement to make it through the campaign whether you’re playing solo or with a buddy. Also, the co-op is hamstrung by a lack of voice chat, or any communication with your counterpart, which is especially disappointing since voice chat is a feature of Game Center.

2013: Infected Wars ($6.99, Universal) is a generic and repetitive zombie shooter regardless of co-op gameplay making it one to avoid like an infection.


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