8 Ball Pool – Solid Break Now Online On iOS

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Perfect for pick up and play | Super smooth online matches | Easy to keep playing

Can only play online | No Game Center connectivity for friends | A bit too easy

There are so many variations of pool, but Miniclip claims to have the most popular version with their online Flash game. Now, 8 Ball Pool has come to iOS with the same set-up, but made for touch. The entire game centers around online play with head to head matches either against friends or random opponents. The best part of the online component is that the connections are silky smooth so that it doesn’t even feel like you’re playing online.

The base game of pool is familiar if you’ve ever played an online version with a top down perspective on the billiard table. You simply drag your finger on the table to aim your shot, and then drag the power meter to strike your shot. The game is effortless to control, and it makes pool friendly for anyone with an iOS device. The game may be a bit too easy due to the guide lines for every shot, so you know exactly where your shot is headed. The online matches keep the game fresh, and there’s also unlockable cues, tables, and pool rooms as you level up.

There’s a constant supply on online opponents to play, but occasionally other players disconnect right from the get go. While it’s great to play online, the game doesn’t allow for any offline play, so you can’t just fire up the game to play against an AI. The online component is also lacking in that it only connects to Facebook or Miniclip with no Game Center integration. I know my friends have iOS device if they’re in Game Center, and it’s mind boggling to have an iOS online multiplayer game without Game Center friend connectivity.

8 Ball Pool ($0.99, Universal) delivers solid pool action for touch devices that is effortless to pick up and play, and keep enjoying down the line. 8 Ball Pool is worth the price of admission, although the game does have its limitations.


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