80 Days – Embarking On A Wonderful Adventure

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 5/5

Brilliantly crafted storyline | Great dialogue choices | Delicate resource management

A little slow at the outset | Some decisions lead you to predefined outcomes


The world is filled with wonder, especially when considering the view of Jules Verne in 1873, back when Around The World In 80 Days was published. Today, there’s not the same degree of mystery, or barbarous travel, but circumnavigating the globe still has a captivating appeal. 80 Days is a new iOS game based on the Jules Verne classic, but updated with a steampunk world filled with all kinds of intriguing contraptions. The classic story of Phileas Fogg’s wager is included, but now it’s a choose your own adventure with an over 500,000 word script waiting to be explored. You get to play as Passepartout, Mr. Fogg’s valet, in charge of of trips, lodging, and Mr. Fogg’s well being.
80 Days is a text based adventure above all else, that offers various dialogue choices that can completely change the progression of the story. While text is a key to the game, there’s a great deal of strategy involved in choosing the path to travel around the world with multiple potential choices ready to be discovered. After disembarking from London to Paris, you will have the chance to explore each city that you arrive at in attempt to find new routes forward. There are so many forking pathways for a constant supply of decisions as you balance time, money, and Mr. Fogg’s well being. The game is kind of like The Oregon Trail with the scenarios you can encounter, but with a much more detailed story, with such intriguing choices.

The story is absolutely superb with the little twists, and nuances on the classic to keep you constantly engaged to press onwards. Each new city introduces new dialogue sequences as you explore the Steampunk 19th century world, and your choices play a vital roll in opening up new passageways as well as maintaining funds. The best part of 80 Days is that there truly is a whole world to explore, and you can play multiple times leading to various outcomes, routes, and encounters. In fact, as soon as you conclude one trip, you will want to set out, and explore a different route for all new encounters, as well as trying to better your time.
The game does start out slowly, but soon you will pick up on the subtleties in choosing the best route, and making your way constantly eastward in the most direct manner. There are a lot of potential dire situations to come across, and part of the enjoyment is dealing with the crises that will no doubt come up as you pass the half way point of the journey. Every single decision feels right in the line with the way the characters are developed to give you valuable choices that are catered toward expose, conflict, and intrigue. The game design is also exquisite with a 3D globe to help plan your journey, and depict your route with indicators of other attempts. It’s amazing how quickly time flies over the 80 days in the game, as well as the time of your day as you become engrossed in the adventure.

80 Days ($4.99, Universal) is a great exhibition in game making that is an absolute must have title that provides a thoroughly engaging adventure numerous times over.


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