_PRISM – Unfolding An Immersive Puzzle Challenge

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Immserive puzzles | Tacticle UI | Beautiful 3D design

A bit on the short side | A few touch hiccups

prism - 2

It’s time to unfold an all new puzzle challenge. _PRISM is a new iOS game that presents a series of 3D shapes to open up to reveal all new inner workings that open as well. The first thing you notice about Prism is the superb 3D design that looks absolutely gorgeous with the textures on the surface, and particle effects floating in the surroundings. The 3D design isn’t just there to look good, as it is also an integral part to the game. You get to manipulate 3D objects with a 2D touch interface due to the depth the game establishes.
prism - 3
Prism has some familiar elements with some connections to The Room in the way you get to open up 3D boxes with smaller inner workings to unfold. Prism goes about it in a whole new way by placing touch sequences on any side that can be opened. The touch sequences include sliding dots into target areas, tapping with multiple fingers, performing memory sequences, and more. A lot of it comes down to aligning scattered dots on to the target area, but there are a lot of variations in how to move the dots. The best part is that each of the 13 included levels offers a new mechanic to contend with, and the game just sends you right into it without having to hold your hand with a tutorial or explanation. Prism emphasizes exploration, allowing you to sit back and experiment with various taps to figure out what to do on your own.

The touch interface in Prism is fine tuned to allow you to directly interact with single touch points as well as spin the entire shape, and zoom the camera. There’s a definite tactile feel to interacting with each 3D geometric shape, and unfolding the solution. The ultimate goal is to keep unfolding the shape to reach the energy core, and it can take a bit of time with how many times these shapes can be unfolded. Prism is a bit on the short side, but the experience will stay with you, and last beyond just the time spent in the app. There are a couple hiccups with direct manipulation of specific touch points, but it’s the exception, not the norm. Through it all, the game delivers a Zen style puzzle with brilliant design flourishes, and nice variation.

_PRISM ($2.99, Universal) is an immersive experience that is a must have for the way you get to unfold each solution.

Free, Universal


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