A Ride Into The Mountains – One Memorable iOS Experience

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Intuitive archery controls | Immersive experience | Great design work | Engaging gameplay

Trends towards the simple side | Archery controls can be off at times


There’s nothing like a ride into the mountains to clear your head, and just return to nature. A Ride Into The Mountains also happens to be the title of a new iOS game that is all about archery. Your character is riding upon a horse as he heads into the mountains to stop the spread of darkness with relics to collect along the way. Your goal is to use your bow and arrow to take down the dark enemies that appear on your ride into the mountains. The game is an exhibition in minimalism with a retro art design, simple control mechanic, and clear objective.
There are plenty of archery games on iOS, but this version offers the smoothest firing mechanic yet, as you simply swipe your finger anywhere on screen, and release. The longer you pull back, the further your shot will go, just like pulling an actual bow. You also have the ability to tilt your device to move your horse across the screen to dodge incoming attacks. What starts out simple becomes nice and challenging with enemies that move, vanish, and fire back at you. There’s also a neat level set-up where each one changes the perspective or adds a unique challenge including flat side scrolling, up a hill, top down perspective, changing wind, and more. The base game is relatively repetitive, but the level set-up keeps it fresh as there’s always a unique view as well as enemies.

In addition to your bow and arrow, you also have a focus ability that regenerates over time, and allows you to slow down time for a few seconds for precision aiming. There are a lot of subtleties to the main archery gameplay, and each level entices you on to the next to find out what is at the peak of the mountain. Not only does each level feature a unique set-up, but there’s also a changing art design with all of the themes providing retro stylized 8-bit artwork that looks extraordinary in motion. The game does a good job of creating a unique experience that delivers a constant and fresh challenge flowing through an engrossing app design. There’s so much to enjoy emanating from the minimalistic base that you can’t help, but appreciate it throughout the game.

A Ride IntoThe Mountains ($0.99, Universal) is one heck of a ride that you don’t want to end. It’s a should buy that you want to savor through in its entirety with such a well executed app that provides one memorable experience.


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