Abzorb – Is It One To Suck Into Your App Collection?

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

All new action puzzle challenge | Precise tilt controls

Can be a bit tedious | Difficulty isn't for everyone

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Tilt based gaming truly take advantage of iOS, but the games that use tilt controls have been hit or miss. Abzorb is a new tilt based game that looks like Tilt To Live at first glance, but it’s a surprisingly different experience. Tilt To Live is the stand out of tilt based games, and it offers an over the top action experience. Abzorb on the other hand is more of a puzzle experience with 65 specific levels to challenge yourself with.
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Abzorb comes down to tilting your arrow and absorption circle just close enough to blue dots to suck up their energy. There are also red dots to avoid, because if you get too close they suck up your time. Each level has a three star scoring system based on how long it takes you to absorb every blue dot. As you go along, the dots move, walls appear, and there are even color changing sections that flip the dots color. The game also introduces dots that expand, or decrease the size of your absorption circle, and you also need to avoid colliding straight into dots as that just costs time.

The tilt controls offer precision to move the arrow exactly where you want, whether you choose to hold your device flat, or collaborate based on the current angle you’re holding your device. The controls let you focus purely on the challenge at hand, and Abzorb definitely is on the more difficult side of the scale. The level layouts make it nearly impossible to avoid losing time, and getting three stars is an extreme challenge. Just compelling some levels is very tough, and you get to see the seconds melting off as the time is overlaid on the background. The levels can be a bit tedious at times to try to get to every last dot with the placement of obstacles. You have to be prepared for, and embrace the challenge.

Abzorb ($2.99, Universal) is a fine tuned tilt based gaming experience that is well worth picking up.

$2.99, Universal


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