Adobe Photoshop Fix – Powerful Tools Made For Touch

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Powerful photo editing tools made for touch | Covers a lot of use cases

Some limits to the package | Need to zoom a lot for precise edits

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Photoshop is the biggest name in photo editing, and Adobe has a new photo editing app for iOS. Adobe Photoshop Fix just launched today after being shown off for the iPad Pro during Apple’s September event. The new app provides some of the most complex editing tools from Photoshop on the computer, and makes them accessible for touch devices. Photoshop Fix lets you heal, smooth, liquify, lighten, and perform standard edits all by dragging your finger over the areas that you want to change.
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One of the most useful features in Photoshop is the spot heal tool, and now you have that on your iPad available right at your fingertip. You can literally draw exactly where you want to remove an item from your scene, and have the system intelligently fill the void. You can also use the patch and clone stamp tool with the same set-up. Another valuable tool is Liquify, and Photoshop Fix has presets for portrait photos. The app lets you directly edit faces as the app identifies eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks, and then gives you edit options for each area. You can create a smile, shrink nose width, adjust jawline, and more all by dragging the on-screen sliders of each setting. There are many more edits included to allow for lighting specific areas, defocusing certain aspects, changing saturation and brightness, and more.

The major emphasis of Photoshop Fix is that it gives you specific tools in an accessible package that is designed to be used on the go. This isn’t the full Photoshop suite on iOS, and instead provides some of the most popular and powerful photo editing tools made for touch. The app doesn’t do everything, but it works extremely well for what it does do. You do need appropriate expectations going in, but once set you can get some valuable use out of Photoshop Fix. It’s a fix for when you’re in need of quick editing on the go, and yet extends enough to be the only photo editing many people will ever need.

Adobe Photoshop Fix (Free, Universal) delivers a focused and fine tuned photo editing app that is well worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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