Adobe Voice – Now Everyone Can Tell A Quality Story

4.5 Overall Score
Usability: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Effortless to use | Excellently crafted | Professional quality results

Not the most customization options | A bit limited in scope


Creating an animated video sounds like an arduous task that takes at least some level of expertise. Adobe is looking to change that notion with their new iPad Adobe Voice, which offers a new creation tool for the touch platform. What makes Adobe Voice stand-out is that it’s made as accessible as possible, so that literally anyone can pick it up, and start using. Not only is the app accessible, but it also creates professional looking results to give deluxe creation power into the hands of many. The animated videos can cover telling a story, promoting an item, offering a tutorial, creating a presentation, teaching a lesson, and so many more scenarios.
The creation process comes down to adding a page, inserting a photo, icon, or text, and then recording a voice over. The app positions everything, applies transitions, sets up timing, and adds effects to the objects to then give you a complete animation. You can add as many pages as you want, and you can make each page as in-depth, or quick as possible. You’re also given choices in the set-up as there’s five different page layouts, 32 different themes, and 37 sound tracks. You’re given a bounty of choices to make each animated video unique, and your own to depict what you want to share.

Adobe has really done an excellent job in creating this app, and I could see a lot of people using this as a brand new form to share a wide variety of items. The results are what really sells the app, as even though it’s so simple, you don’t sacrifice quality. Although it just takes a few minutes to make a full length voice over video, the output looks like it comes from a professional company. There’s not the most power, and customization, but the balance of accessibility, and results is unmatched with literally any other software. There’s so many potential creative avenues from the tools you’re given, and the app doesn’t get bogged down in menu clutter, or too many features. Instead you’re given just want you need to focus on showing what you want with results that you will be proud of.

Adobe Voice (Free, iPad) is an exceptional app that is a must have utility for your iPad that anyone can create excellent output with.


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