Alchemic Maze – Tilting A Potent Puzzle Potion

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Engagin puzzles | Great liquid physics | Precise tilt controls | Outstanding design

Recalibration is a bit hidden | Some levels are a bit redundant

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It’s time to try your hand at the ancient art of alchemy in the new iOS game Alchemic Maze. Your goal is to guide different liquid types through different mazes to collect enough resources to help save your apprentice. Alchemic Maze is a tilt based gaming experience reminiscent of Labyrinth, but with liquid physics rather than ball rolling. You will need to collect liquids tied to Earth, Water, Air, and Fire with each one offering different properties to contend with.
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Alchemic Maze features 48 levels with 12 per ancient element. The maze aspect of the game isn’t maneuvering through corridors, but rather solving puzzles with specific orders of operation. Every level offers a unique puzzle layout that requires you to move the liquid to activate switches, push levers, switch liquid type, and more. There’s a nice difficulty curve so that the puzzles aren’t overly simple or difficult, and instead keep you consistently engaged through the entire game. You will want to keep playing Alchemic Maze with each level offering a relatively fresh challenge built upon the core tilt concepts.

Alchemic Maze features an outstanding liquid physics engine so that each liquid reacts to your titling exactly as you would expect. That means you can separate the liquid by pushing against an outcropping in the level, and move multiple drops around. The tilt controls are also really well done allowing for a great deal of precision to delicately move the liquid past lasers, drains, other liquids, and more obstacles. The tilt control calibrations are a bit hidden, but they allow you to hold the device however you want to precisely move the liquid through the varying puzzles. It all adds up to a really well made game that nails, design, physics, and tilt controls to let you fully enjoy the puzzles.

Alchemic Maze ($2.99, Universal) is a made for iOS experience that is executed extremely well making it a must have.

$2.99, Universal


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