Alfred Remote – Controlling Your Powerful Mac Butler From iOS

2.5 Overall Score
Usability: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Big tappable buttons to activate | Page based organization | Easy to connect

Relatively pointless utility | No keyboard functionality | Lacks dialog pop-up entry


Alfred is a powerful Mac utility that acts as a quick launcher as well as a deluxe automation utility thanks to various workflows. Alfred is like the grandaddy of Workflow on iOS as it offers similar automation, but with a more deluxe repository thanks to Mac abilities versus iOS. Alfred Remote is a new iOS app to connect Alfred on your Mac to your iOS device. With Alfred Remote, you can activate Alfred functions with your iOS device, when you’re away from your keyboard.
Before you get into Alfred Remote, you have to appreciate how much can be done with Alfred on a Mac for $25. It’s free for the basic features, but the Powerpack unlocks the full suite of abilities to let you do so many different tasks with keyboard shortcuts, and quick entry actions. Alfred is great if you can find ways to use it, which shouldn’t be that hard, and its value isn’t impacted by the potential practicality of Alfred Remote. The iOS app is a remote first, and foremost with big touch buttons for the various workflows you already have set up in Alfred. You can also use it to quick launch applications, open various files, or perform system settings. There’s a clean layout to all of the included functions, with organized pages for the different one tap remote control options at your fingertips.

One of the best parts of Alfred Remote is that it’s effortless to connect to your Mac, simply using the same WiFi network of both your Mac, and iOS device. It’s quick, and easy to lock your Mac, activate a screen saver, launch a video, or access system settings. On the flip side, Alfred Remote is a bit pointless when you think of its limitations. First off, if you have a Mac laptop, you always have the keyboard with you, and it’s tough to find an occurrence where opening the Alfred app on your iOS device is quicker than just using the shortcut keys on your Mac. Even if you’re away from your keyboard, Alfred Remote has limited use since there’s no access to a keyboard, or any computer entry. That means if you have a workflow for a particular search, you need your computer keyboard to actually type what to search. If you try to shut down, or set your computer to sleep, you need to confirm the dialog pop-up on your Mac, since you can’t access pop-ups on Alfred Remote.

Alfred Remote ($4.99, Universal) is a promising idea, but with limited real world practicality making it one to skip despite how good the Mac app is. Alfred is great for the Mac, but the iOS remote just doesn’t really add anything to the Mac version.

$4.99, Universal


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