Aliens Drive Me Crazy – Ride Along Chaotic Entertainment

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Chaotic action | Tons of fun | Great checkpoint system | High quality design

A bit slow to start | Controls might be too simplistic in the base portion


When aliens invade, and impersonate mobsters, there’s only one thing to do. Take the fight into your own hands with guerrilla tactics using your car as a battering ram, and any weapons you can get a hold of. That’s the setting for the new game Aliens Drive Me Crazy, which comes from the makers of Daddy was a Thief, and offers a similar destruction mechanic. The game begins with a side scrolling set-up where your car drives automatically, and you simply swipe up to jump, or swipe down to smash. There are various enemies scattered along the road, whether they’re in houses, driving other cars, or just standing around shooting at you. The best tactic is to smash everything, and you can pull off a huge amount of destruction as you crash through various houses.
The art style, control scheme, and destruction style is a lot like Daddy was a Thief, but rather than an endless games, there are actual stages to conquer. It’s a bit like Smash Hit in that there are checkpoints for each district allowing you to unlock new starting points in more difficult regions as you conquer the previous district. Each district is composed of two stages as you barrel through buildings in the first portion, and then invade an enemy base in the second portion. When at the enemy base, your character moves, and fires automatically, and you stick with the swipe controls to move between floors as you try to take out bad guys, rescue hostages, and detonate the rigger to destroy the whole base.

There’s quite a bit of variety included in the way you switch between the two modes in each district, and the difficulty increases at a great rate. It seems that each new driving section, and base portion become more expansive with greater challenges in the obstacles you face. The driving portion is part hilarious, part challenging, and completely chaotic as you crash through walls, run over aliens, detonate explosives, and just have fun. If you slow down too much, a robotic dinosaur can get you from behind, and as you progress there are driving enemies, spiked semi trucks, UFOs, and so much more. You can’t help, but smile as the destruction is triggered, and it’s a treat to travel through each section. Also, even with checkpoints, the game randomly generates the layouts of the districts for a fresh challenge each time out.
Everything you do helps earn coins that can be used to upgrade your weapons, cars, and special abilities to help you handle the increasing difficulty. There are also tons of districts to make your way through, and each one offers new engaging enjoyment to partake in. The first couple of districts are a bit on the easy side, but soon you’re presented with an intense challenge with so many ways to take damage, while dealing with just a bonanza of happenings on screen. It’s quite extraordinary how the game becomes more enjoyable as you go, and kind of counteracts the law of diminishing returns thanks to the new elements that are continually introduced. All of the action is presented exquisitely with outstanding cartoon artwork that is great to see in motion.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy ($1.99, Universal) is highly entertaining in every way, that is a must buy as you will enjoy every minute of all that happens.


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