Alto’s Adventure – Snowboard Downhill To Reach New Heights

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4/5

Absolutely gorgeous design | Fluid movement | Expertly balances challenge, relaxation, and immersion

Inherent drawbacks from the endless genre | Some goals can limit your overall progression


White capped mountains can be quite the scene with snow covering many forms of life to create a tranquil and pristine environment. That is until you slice right through the snow on a snowboard in the new iOS game Alto’s Adventure. It’s an endless snowboarding challenge where your goal is to round up the llamas that have escaped while traveling through quiet mountain towns, desolate woodlands, and even ancient ruins. Alto’s Adventure focuses on replicating the essence of a wintery scene on the hillsides to let the player be immersed in snowboarding through the picturesque environment.
The first thing you notice about Alto’s Adventure is the absolutely gorgeous visual design with such ornate details that truly do mimic the real world snowy hillsides. Alto’s Adventure really shines in motion with a deluxe physics engine applied to the snowboarder, as well as the snow that kicks up as your character heads down hill. Everything moves with such fluidity, and that is enhanced with a full day and night cycle that progresses as you play. Every second you spend speeding downhill shows the movement of the sun in the sky, and the colors change as time passes. There are also varying lighting and weather effects to change the shading and shadows based on time, while incorporating thunderstorms, fog, and even shooting stars. Everything is designed with such care, and the developers have succeeded in immersing you in the world of Alto’s Adventure.

There’s the obvious challenge of trying to survive as long as you can, and yet Alto’s Adventure doesn’t feel like the same old hectic endless arcade game. Instead, Alto’s Adventure delivers a dichotomy of emotion as you have the familiar challenging tension, and yet there’s a relaxing air to the fluid motion and tranquil scene. You can get lost just going down the hillside, and appreciating every rise and fall of the hillside, while leaping over any rocks in the way. The game also presents added abilities to let you perform backflips, grinds, and chasm leaps, while are all equal parts exhilarating, and gorgeous in motion. Alto’s Adventure is the type of game that so easy to pick up and play, and then continue to play, while much tougher to put down.
There is an intrinsic challenge to improve your downhill descent with each run, and then there are 180 goals to master as well. Each one gives you a concentrated focus with a compelling nature, so that you want to come back to unlock more goals. The goals add a lot to the core endless mechanic, and there’s also a scoring system complete with trick combos, and collection bonuses. You can also unlock new characters as you complete the goals, with each one offering unique abilities. Every single snowboard run is also unique with procedurally generated hillsides, as well as the changing lighting and weather effects with the passage of time. There is the inherent repetition that comes from the endless genre, and the game is a bit reminiscent of Ski Safari, and yet with an all new feel that stays fresh for a lot longer than the typical endless game.

Alto’s Adventure ($1.99, Universal) creates an immersive experience that is a joy to partake in making it a must have title.

$1.99, Universal


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