American Presidents For iPad – 222 Years, 44 Men, 1 App

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APP NAME: American Presidents For iPad

DEVELOPER(S): Peripatetic

GENRE(S): Education, Reference

RELEASE DATE(S): August 5th, 2011

There have been 222 years of United States Presidents with 44 during that period of time. American Presidents for the iPad presents the entire presidential history from 1789 to the present, from Washington to Obama. The iPad app provides a presidential learning experience like you’ve never had before. You begin with a timeline showing cartoon versions of every single president placed in chronological order. Below the timeline are important events that happened for the specific years, and you can see which events happened during which president’s term.

The presidents are centered in their term length, and you can tap on any of them to bring up their in-depth biographical essay. The average length is about 1,500 words, and each is an extremely informative article. On the presidential page you also have access to a gallery of high-resolution photos of the president, with over 300 in total. You can tap on the red events in the bottom timeline for full details on that particular event. The app also provides access to United States maps through the years as well as the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and famous speeches.

There is a smooth interface to move through the wealth of information included with everything a single tap away, and you can swipe through just about anything. The app also includes a superb design highlighted by the exquisite hand drawn representations of each president. The app is accessible for all ages, whether you’re an adult looking to brush up on presidential history or a student studying American history. Anyone who uses the app will appreciate the valuable information included, and it can really offer a new appreciation for the 44 men who have lead this country.

American Presidents for iPad ($3.99, iPad) is an exquisite app to help you explore each and every president as well as noteworthy events. The app really offers up a whole new way to explore the presidents, and over the past 222 years, there has never been a better way to learn about presidents. American Presidents for iPad is a should buy for $4 that is one of the best reference and educational apps available.


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