Angry Birds Rio

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Controls: 3.5/5

More enjoyable gameplay | Improved graphics engine

More of the same | Question of long term support

Game Info

APP NAME: Angry Birds Rio

DEVELOPER(S): Rovio Mobile

GENRE(S): Physics Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): March 22nd, 2011

Those pesky, furious fowls are back for more structure-smashing action in Angry Birds Rio. Fox Entertainment has teamed up with Rovio Mobile for the new movie tie-in version of Angry Birds with a plot line similar to the movie. In Rio, the main character is a pet bird who is caged and transported to Rio, and our favorite Angry Birds suffer the same fate. The Angry Birds are mad enough to break free from their cage, and try to break all the other birds out as well.

The Good

Finally the Angry Birds have a different target than those green pigs. After 370 levels of pig smashing action in Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, it was time for a change of scenery. The negative theme of killing pigs has given way to a more positive one as you free caged birds. Granted, the second episode of Angry Birds Rio has a similar deadly theme as you smash Marmosets.

Not only has the scenery changed, but so has the entire graphic design. You can really tell that there is an extra development team, and more money backing this version of Angry Birds. The flow of the game, the animations, and the physics engine have all been enhanced. The differences aren’t substantial, but anyone who has played Angry Birds will instantly notice the improvements in Rio.

There’s no doubt the visuals have been improved, but the gameplay remains the same with great physics puzzles. There’s more of the same, so if you like Angry Birds, then you’ll like the Rio extension. There are a few gameplay tweaks, which make the game a bit easier and even more friendly for casual gamers. The enhanced physics engine doesn’t only look better, but is also more lenient. This means the structures collapse with less force, allowing you to be more imprecise.

Angry Birds is simply fun for all types of iOS users, and Rio invites even more users. Each of the 60 included levels are different, and they’re unique compared with the other versions of Angry Birds. The same three star scoring system is included for replayability, and there are hidden golden objects. There are 15 golden pineapples in episode 1, and 15 golden bananas in episode two giving you plenty to find.

The Bad

Angry Birds Rio launches with only 60 levels, which is a lot for an average iOS game, but not much in the Angry Birds world. The two previous Angry Birds games have 240 and 130 levels respectively, after all the updates. Angry Birds Rio has updates planned, but they’re not guaranteed. The difference with Rio, compared with the other two Angry Birds is that this one is tied to a movie.

If Rio the movie doesn’t do well at the Box Office, then Fox could cut the funds for Angry Birds Rio. Also Angry Birds Rio came out before the movie, and fits in with the typical marketing for movies, which is focused on pre-release buzz without much effort after the movie has been released. Rovio isn’t calling the shots with Angry Birds Rio, and when big studios get involved, little projects tend to go on the back burner. I’m not saying that Angry Birds Rio won’t be updated, but don’t make your purchase with the expectation of more levels.

The 60 included levels go by quickly, and as soon as you’re finished you want more; just like with any other Angry Birds game. These levels seem to go by quicker because they’re easier. Getting three stars on the first try in each level is common, which lowers the replay factor. There are hidden golden pineapples and bananas that are tough to find like golden eggs, but they don’t unlock special levels like golden eggs.

The Verdict

Angry Birds Rio ($0.99 iPhone | $2.99 iPad) offers more great physics puzzle fun to please the millions of Angry Birds fans. The game doesn’t offer up many new aspects, and is really just more of the same; though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Angry Birds Rio has better visuals, and offers easier gameplay. The 60 levels go by quickly, and it feels like you get less in comparison to the other two Angry Birds apps.

Angry Birds Rio is a should buy for any iOS user, and doesn’t disappoint.

$1.99 -> Free, iPhone


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