Anomaly Korea – Going On The Offensive Again

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4/5

Same great tower offense/RTS style | beautiful graphics | All new objectives and game mode

Could always use more levels | Not that different from Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth blasted its way into the App Store last year, and brought a brand new experience. The game is the antithesis to tower defense by creating a tower offense game where you play as the entities going through the maze, and trying to destroy the towers. It’s such a brilliant idea that offers a much more real time strategy vibe to offer a unique challenge that is exquisitely well designed. The graphics of Anomaly Warzone Earth pushed the bounds of iOS hardware, and now Anomaly Korea is out with even finer graphics with the same tower offense style.

Anomaly Korea isn’t ground breaking like the original, and instead offers more of what made Warzone Earth so great. There’s a brand new storyline set in Korea where again you play as the humans battling the machines, but now things are even more desperate. There are 12 intricate levels to battle through with each one offering a unique map and challenge with all new objectives compared to the original. In each level you begin by determining your route through the tower arrangement, and the best part is that you can change your route on the fly for a tactical advantage.

Once you pick your route, it’s then time to make your way through the towers trying to destroy them before they destroy your units. The game also has elements of resource management as you have boosts that include strength, health, and smoke shield, but they’re all limited. You need to use them at the appropriate times, and you can also switch around the order of your units to move damaged units to the back to protect them a little. Like in tower defense, there are multiple unit types which you can add and upgrade as you earn currency in each level. Every level is such a great strategic test, and it can always plays out differently based on the timing of your actions.

The best part of Anomaly Korea is that you’re always fixed on the action because there’s so much to do in real time. One of the downfalls of many tower defense games is that they’re relatively slow moving with down time where you just stare at the screen. That’s not the case in Anomaly Korea, or Warzone Earth for that matter, and you don’t even need to rely on the fast forward button because the action is continuous. Beyond the 12 deluxe levels there is an Art of War mode which limits all of your resources across new maps for an even greater challenge. Anomaly Korea extends what was great in Warzone Earth, and adds to it with challenges that include factories to battle through without air support, time based artillery destruction zones, specific vehicle challenges, and more.

The only real drawback of Warzone Earth is that the levels were quite similar, but that definitely can’t be said about Korea. The same great top down perspective returns to give you a great view of the battlefield, and the 3D art work. Again, the visuals are over the top gorgeous, and now there are all new environments based on Korea with so many details from the gravel to the buildings, and all of the units in between. 11 bit Studios hasn’t just crafted a game, but an entire experience, and it’s one to truly savor playing.

Anomaly Korea ($2.99, Universal) provides more of the same great tower offense action, but is even better than the superb original making it a must buy.


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