Any Landing – Tries To Fly High, But Ends Up Crashing

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Very redundant structure | Lackadaisical flying | Poor game structure


There are about 50,000 flight landings on a daily basis, and almost all go off without a hitch. Any Landing is a new iOS game that focuses on the planes that land with a hitch, and you’re the one controlling the planes. The game is an action packed flight simulator, where you simply tilt your device to keep the plane afloat for as long as you can. Along the way, you can land at any airport that you come across to drop off cargo, and pick up new passengers. You keep going as long as you have passengers, and as the game says, “any landing you can walk away from is a good landing”.
There are four different air routes containing 32 levels, but essentially it’s an endless flight each time out. If your landings are too much like crashes, then you have to start back at the beginning. The entire set-up looks extremely promising on the surface with the potential for some hilarious crashes, but sadly the humor is lost in the actual game. It’s a surprisingly monotonous flight, and the main drawback is that there’s never any impending doom. It’s like a leisurely stroll through the air, tilting left to rise, right to dive, and trying to keep speed up. There’s a fun little story that sets the stage for you to crash through abandoned buildings as a demolition crew, but there’s no real reward for doing so.

Another major problem is that there are no clear goals, or guidelines in what’s a successful run. You can test out different focuses, but it doesn’t change the core gameplay, which is extremely rudimentary, despite the promising nature. You can get away with a few crashes for no apparent reason, and when you land it’s not clear what’s next. The landing strips are interspersed through the levels, rather than at the end, which again doesn’t make sense. When you do land, you earn in-game currency, which is a comparative pittance to the cost of the unlockable planes, and purchasable upgrades, turns off any desire to shoot for these items. There’s a lot going on everywhere except for the gameplay, which is left as a bland snooze fest that has no rhyme, reason, or consequence.

Any Landing (Free, Universal) crashes on to the App Store landing strip making it one to steer clear of.


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