Apocalypse Max – Better In More Ways Than One

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Packed with great action | Outstanding slicing mechanic | Melds genres nicely | Beautiful design

A little bit repetitive | Weapon upgrades are removed from the flow of the game | Action blends together

The side-scrolling shooter has made a nice home on iOS, and that home is usually filled with zombies. Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Then Undead is a new 2D side scrolling shooter reminiscent of Zombieville, and comes from the makers of Robokill. At first glance Apocalypse Max looks like many others in the App Store, but once you start playing you uncover a number of nuances, and stand out features. First off, the game is packed with action so that you’re always drawn to keep moving forward.

The level design is exquisite so there are peaks and valleys, platforms, quick sand, toxic water, and more across nine extremely unique apocalyptic worlds. During your journey you’ll come across 16 different zombie types that increase the challenge significantly. The highlight of the game may be the attack system as not only are there 20 great weapons to unlock, but there’s an outstanding close combat attack. You can slide your finger in a curve above the virtual controls to slice enemies with your knife. The slicing mechanic is brand new for the genre, and it’s powerful enough to rely on instead of gun ammo, and it’s available with a smooth touch control.

The best aspect of the game is that is takes the 2D side scrolling shooter to the next level by introducing platformer elements. It’s a brand new style as you can double jump, dodge environmental hazards, face ground and aerial attacks, and perform your own ground and aerial attacks. All of the various parts fit together extremely well for a throughly enjoyable experience that offers some familiarity, while introducing brand new pieces to keep the game fresh. The art design matches the level design with beautiful hand drawn artwork to further enhance the action packed adventure spanning 20 multi-faceted levels.

Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Then Undead ($2.99, Universal) is better in more ways than one to deliver outstanding action for iOS making it a should buy.

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