AppZilla 3: 150 in 1 – The New King Of All In One Apps

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

150 apps in one | So many useful features | Do multiple tasks without leaving the app

Could use some polishing | Some of the more essential functions could be a bit more powerful

AppZilla has become a staple in the App Store, and the third edition has just launched. AppZilla 3 features 150 apps in one, and builds upon 90 of the original, and 120 of version 2. The idea of multiple apps in one has been seen before, but AppZilla has become the de facto standard for the genre, and the third edition is no different. All of the included apps don’t compete with single full featured apps, but the highlight is that you get all of these functionalities in one. With AppZilla 3, you don’t need to go to multiple apps to perform various tasks on your iPhone.

AppZilla 3 features 40 new apps including photo effects, on this day, speed test, heat vision, photo captions, media vault, voice alerts, blackjack, solitaire, and more. The apps are in addition to alarm, battery life, system info, checklist, countdown, currency converter, flashlight, dictionary, google reader, heart rate monitor, magnifier, journal, LED banner, lyrics search, price scanner, police scanner, ruler, level, walk n type, and more. Every single one of the apps is relatively simplistic, but each one gets the job done, and all of them are available without ever leaving AppZilla. You can also arrange the apps based on most used to have your main used functions on the first page.

The new edition also lets you set-up a particular app to launch when AppZilla opens, use live wallpapers, and view apps by categories. All of the various functions are easily accessible and semi-customizable. You can easily switch between apps, and there are so many different things to do in AppZilla that you could replace a few apps, and add AppZilla to your dock. The entire app could use a little polishing with greater focus on some heavily used functionalities, but all in all it delivers exactly what it sets out to do.

The individual apps in AppZilla 3 ($0.99, iPhone) aren’t the best in the App Store, but the total collection is making it a should buy.


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