ARC Squadron – Touching To Soar To New Heights

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Great space shooter gameplay | Smooth one finger control system | Deluxe campaign with varied levels

Somewhat bland shooter style | Simple user interaction becomes repetitive

There are numerous classic game genres that haven’t made the transition to iOS at all or very well, as many say they can’t be done with touch screens. One such style is the space shooter, but ARC Squadron is here to show just how to make it do so. It’s an on-rails space shooter a bit similar to Star Fox as your ship flies through space automatically, and you simply move the ship around the screen to dodge attacks, and shoot enemy ships. The style is also like tunnel shooters as you need to dodge various space elements while moving through the various sectors.

ARC Squadron reduces all the complexity to a one finger control scheme where you simply drag your finger around the screen to move your ship. The ship fires automatically when you target enemies, and that simplicity allows you to dive into the action. ARC Squadron offers up a 64 level campaign across multiple sectors, with nine different boss battles to face. It’s an extremely deluxe game that offers hours of enjoyment, and there are 20 environments to fly through.

The action picks up nicely from the get go with multiple enemy ships appearing on screen to blast away before they shoot you down. The levels offer a surprising amount of variety for an on-rails shooter thanks to the fresh and intricate environments. Each level offers up a unique challenge as you fly through asteroid fields, wormholes, enemy freighters, planetary caves, and more. There’s always something to dodge or shoot, and even when the screen is overloaded with obstacles, it’s all manageable from the one finger control scheme. The user interaction does become a bit repetitive due to the simplicity, but the 64 level campaign makes you forget about that.

The graphical design is top notch which enhances the gameplay as the game uses the Unreal engine to deliver the beautiful space environments. There’s so much detail to fly through, and the 3D art style truly makes your iOS device shine. The entirety of the game design immerses you in the action extremely well. Everything pushes you to want to play through all 64 levels, and that’s all you can ask from a game.

ARC Squadron ($4.99, Universal) provides an action packed and relatively complex genre in a beautifully designed packaged perfectly suited for iOS that makes it a should buy.


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  1. nike dunks man November 12, 2012 at 4:42 PM -

    Very good.Thanks

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