Art Authority – Touch The Art Of Famous Museums

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Tons of art included | Up close and personal nature | So many sort & search options

References are a little shallow | An online database so there are initial load times

There is so much amazing art to explore all around the globe, but not everyone can travel to the Louvre, British Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and so many more. That’s where the Art Authority app comes in allowing you to view over 55,000 works of art on your iOS device. When you do go to a museum there’s usually no touching, and you have to stand a considerable distance away from the art. On your iPad or iPhone touching is recommended to explore every painting and sculpture to truly see the details. There are high resolution images of almost everything included allowing you to pinch to zoom in on the details.

The app presents an entire museum theme so that it’s as though you’re looking through an art gallery. You can expand any specific item or simply flip through the entire catalog which is broken up into eight main time periods. There are so many different ways to sort all the art whether it’s by art movement, artist, or location, and you can search for any specific items. It’s great to simply pick a particular museum to explore, or all of the art by a particular artist.

The app is first and foremost about all of the art, and there’s no better way to explore the entire art catalog included than in the Art Authority app. The interface is superb, and the feature set extensiveness allows you to look at the major art from particular movements, or random pictures. There’s even an on board intelligence allowing for the app to find similar artwork to the one you’re currently looking at. You can set-up slideshows, use AirPlay Mirroring or VGA output, and find information about each piece. The references are aggregated from various sources across the web, though many from Wikipedia, allowing you to learn a little bit about what you’re looking at, and usually more than at an actual museum.

Art Authority ($4.99, iPhone / $9.99, iPad) is so much easier and more immersive than visiting a museum, and allows you to access the most famous museums around the world at once. The app can also inspire you to take a trip to see the art in person, but in the mean time there’s so much to enjoy about Art Authority making it a should buy.


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