Asteroids Gunner – Rebirth Of A Classic Arcade Title

1.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 1.5/5
Design: 2/5
Length: 1/5

Classic Asteroids gameplay | New graphics and smooth controls | Plenty of power-ups

Repetitive gameplay | Poor payment structure | No incentive to play past a few minutes

Game Info

APP NAME: Asteroids Gunner


GENRE(S): Arcade, Shooter


Asteroids is an arcade classic, and one of Atari’s most well known games. The company has decided to re-invent the classic space shooter for the 21st century, and iOS devices. Asteroids Gunner is the new version of the classic, and it comes with brand new colored graphics, dual stick controls, and concrete levels. The classic gameplay remains as you blast away waves and waves of asteroids that break into smaller chunks as you shoot them.

The main difference is that you have finer control, and there are tons of upgrades to pick-up. Asteroids Gunner is free to download, but is full of in-app purchases to buy bucks which can be used for ship and performance upgrades. There are lots of upgrades, and you can earn gold in game, but you can’t earn bucks and many upgrades are limited to bucks only. It really discourages you from playing as you can’t unlock the best upgrades unless you spend money. The game feels like it was designed with the payment system first, and any gameplay ideas second.

Asteroids Gunner (Free, Universal) also features extremely repetitive gameplay with absolutely no variations between waves. All of the waves blend together, and the game would be better suited as an endless experience. There’s just no incentive to keep playing this game after the first few minutes with a terrible upgrade system, and bland gameplay. Another problem is that the game has a similar space shooter style as do many other games in the App Store including the exceptional Meteor Blitz.

Asteroids Gunner is worth skipping even as a free download, and if you are interested in this style be sure to check out Meteor Blitz.


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