Avengers Initiative – Hulk Smash Your iOS Device

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Feel the power of the Hulk | Great design | Action packed | Well balanced gameplay

Familiar style | Repetitive simply because it's like others | Some control finickiness

iOS seems to have a new action style that is proliferating through a number of games, and it all started with Infinity Blade. ChAIR has shown developers how to make an action packed game for the touch screen, and many have taken note. Whether it’s Batman Arkham City Lockdown, Horn, RobotGladi8tor, Dark Meadow, and now Avengers Initiative. You could easily call the game Infinity Blade with the Hulk, just like how Batman Arkham City Lockdown is Infinity Blade with Batman. There’s the same style as you go from battle to battle performing dodges, blocks, and deflects to begin, and then going on the offensive by swiping to perform various attacks.

The gameplay is familiar, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment the game provides. The game establishes a great connectivity between the player and the power of the Hulk, and it seems even better to punch with touch controls, than swipe a sword. The Avengers theme is infused throughout the game as the S.H.I.E.LD. vault has been breached, and previously captured enemies are now on the loose. Nick Fury recruits Hulk to face the monsters on the ground, and it makes for the first of an episodic game that will be updated with new Avengers in the future.

The game does offer a great 3D design with such detail for the Hulk and enemies, and the animations are even better. It’s great to see the combat sequences in action, and there are great cut scenes for special rage and finishing moves. There’s a familiar upgrade system to increase HP, stamina, and damage, and you can also collect crystals to unlock new rage powers. The gameplay has been played before, but it’s balanced extremely well for great combat that is action packed and challenging.

Avengers Initiative ($6.99, Universal) isn’t the most imaginative game in the App Store, and it’s still plenty entertaining, and a should buy. It’s great to fight as the Hulk, and there are well known enemies to face as you battle through the story that is planned to be extended.


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