AVP: Evolution – Ripping It Up As Both Alien & Predator

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Get to play as both Alien & Predator | Great alternating level set-up | Deluxe design | Lengthy

Can feel like a button masher | Consecutive moves aren't super smooth

Aliens and Predators are two classic movie monsters, and the recent trend to mash them together hasn’t resulted in the best of movies. That doesn’t mean they don’t allow for some good games, and AVP: Evolution has just hit the App Store. It comes from the makers of Guerrilla Bob, and the superb 3D action adventure gore fest that is Predators, and now you get to play as both Aliens and Predators. The game is set-up extremely well so that you get to play as both Alien and Predator in alternating levels.

There’s an intricate storyline, and campaign that is based on a blood feud between two Predator clans, the Jungle Hunters and Super Predators, with the Super Predators trying to use Aliens to their advantage. When playing as an Alien, your goal is to defeat the Super Predators, and end enslavement. You also get to play as a Jungle Hunter Predator, and you’re trying to kill the Alien Queen to destroy the Super Predators’ advantage. All of this is played out in stages where you get to play through similar environments from different sides with both characters.

The base gameplay is a lot like Predators as it’s more 3D action adventure gameplay where you move about trying to kill everything in sight. There are vicious attacks throughout, and deluxe finishing moves with different strategy, and skill sets depending on your character at the moment. As you advance, you also get to unlock unique special abilities for each character with Facehugger calls, and rage rechargers for Alien, and plasma cannons, net guns, thermal vision, and cloak for Predator. On top of the lengthy campaign, there are also side missions for even more mayhem as you rip through all that you can.

All of the action is delivered through an amazing 3D graphics engine that is definitely a sight to behold. There’s so much detail to every character, and there’s such authentic design to Alien and Predator. It’s also great to witness the devastating finishing attacks, and it’s just another element to tie you to the power of the respective movie monsters. There’s so much power at your fingertips, and there’s so much variety in the gameplay as you switch between characters, and face different objectives. The only drawback is that it can feel a bit rudimentary at top as you simply end up mashing buttons.

AVP: Evolution ($4.99, Universal) is quite an experience that is one you will definitely appreciate as you’re given the ability to play as both Alien and Predator with such authenticity, and detail. The gameplay may not be ground breaking or super thought provoking, but it doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining to just annihilate everything in a variety of ways. AVP: Evolution is a should buy as it delivers enjoyable action from start to finish that is a great game to have on iOS.


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