Azkend 2 – Matching Great Story And Gameplay

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Storyline on top of matching | Outstanding gameplay | Beautiful design | Superb sequel

May be easy to start off | A bit repetitive

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Azkend is one of the best, if not the best match three game in the App Store with an actual storyline to go along with the familiar gameplay. The developers, 10tons, have created a sequel, The World Beneath, that presents an all new storyline that is Jules Vernesque where a Maelstrom sends you to a brand new land. The same tile matching gameplay returns, but on a grander scale with larger puzzles.

The goal of each of the 60 levels is to simply drag your finger over matching tiles in matches of three. Each level is timed, and you try to make a match on every tile square across the board. When you complete each level, you get to eat a special item that helps advance the storyline. After every few levels, you get to play a hidden object style game to unlock a new power-up.

There are over 20 power-ups, and a definite highlight of the game whether it’s lightning, dynamite, or compass which are all beautifully designed. The original was gorgeous, and the sequel is even more beautiful, especially with iPad retina graphics. There’s also no shortage of enjoyment with the campaign as well as two extra challenge game modes. The sequel also includes more variety in the level objectives, and again the boards are much larger for more matching fun.

Azkend 2 ($3.99, Universal HD / $2.99, iPhone) picks up where the original left off, and enhances it in every way. The game is easily the best matching experience in the App Store, and provides everything you could want in a sequel with a new storyline, grander puzzles, and more variety. Azkend 2 is a must buy that will entertain one and all throughout the lengthy story.


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