AZZL – Piecing Together A Lively Puzzle Game

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

High quality animation sequences | Compelling puzzle mechanic

A bit on the easy side | Mechanics blend together a bit

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Most puzzle games give you static items to interact with, but AZZL is a new iOS puzzle game that lets you move around animated sequences. The game comes from the makers of Rebus, and offers a similar high quality style with compelling puzzles. The gameplay of AZZL is relatively unique as you drag and drop pieces of the animation, so that every piece is in the proper order. It’s like a simplified moving jigsaw puzzle that comes together in fluid motion as you rearrange the pieces.
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AZZL begins with an animated scene, then slices it up, mixes up the pieces, and gives it to you for reassembly. The game is all about finding patterns to the animations, and then trying to get every single piece in the proper spot for the full animation to play. There are ten level packs of eight levels each, and every level pack introduces a different shape that the animation is cut into. If you complete all of the levels, you can unlock a secret bonus world. Not only are there different shapes to the levels, but there are also different mechanics so that some pieces you drag to rearrange, others you tap to rotate, and even some you drag vertically and horizontally to find the right position.

It’s easy to see that AZZL is designed with kids in mind with the intuitive touch control scheme, high quality colorful animations, and the overall difficulty level. AZZL isn’t the most difficult puzzle game you will come across, but it still is engaging for a surprising range of ages. The animations are a neat reward for each completed puzzle, and they’re also the reason to keep you going from level to level. There’s great animation design with interesting character interaction, activities, and sequences that are a bit reminiscent of Dumb Ways To Die. There’s a fun loving nature to every animation, and it’s great to see each one come to life as you properly piece the puzzle together.

AZZL ($2.99, Universal) delivers engaging puzzles with great animated sequences that is well worth picking up.

$2.99, Universal


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