Bad Hotel – Makes For A Great Sounding Stay

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Unique game | Engaging gameplay tied to music | Outstanding design

Controls could use tighter precision | Some of the levels blend together | Difficulty can vary extremely

It’s great to come across a game that feels fresh and new from the moment you fire it up. Bad Hotel is one such game, and it’s not easily comparable, although there are some connections to tower defense, and developer Lucky Frame’s Pugs Luv Beats. In Bad Hotel, you need to protect your central hotel by adding various rooms to defend against attacking waves from your landlord Tarnation Tadstock, who’s looking for insurance money from a destroyed hotel. You can add regular rooms, health spots, turrets, mine shooters, and ever advancing weaponry.

As you build up your hotel, you also build a progressive music system with more advanced beats based on the room you add. The game delivers an audio visual treat with great visual color design combined with ever enhancing musical structure. It’s great to listen to your hotel come to life, and the type and placement of room changes the beat. The game also features multiple environments and levels which also change the variety of music.

The gameplay is quite remarkable as well because there’s plenty of strategy involved to protect the main hotel. You’ll want to build outwards around the hotel with more valuable units placed closer to the center. You can then build regular units outwards vertically, horizontally, and more importantly diagonally. The goal is to have as many defenses in place as possible that truly take up space to prevent attacks from the central hotel and weaponry and health rooms. The levels offer nice variety as you face all kinds of different attacks, which again tie to the environment, hotel, and varying musical beats.

Bad Hotel ($0.99, Universal) is extremely intriguing to begin, and becomes just as engaging as you play. There are so many subtleties and details to appreciate as you try to survive the onslaught of attacks in the unique, thought provoking, and potentially frantic gameplay. Bad Hotel offers a great extended stay that is a should buy.


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