Ballistic SE – Hectic Eclectic Action Packed Shooter

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

An overload of enjoyable action | Amazing design | Outstanding controls | Varied waves & enemies

Challenge modes blend together a bit | Could be a bit overwhelming for some

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Luke Schneider of Radiangames is a name to take notice of because he’s making some excellent iOS games. Just a few weeks ago, he released Fireball SE which was one of our Apps of the Week, and last year launched Super Crossfire. Today, Radiangames has launched Ballistic SE, and it’s similar to Fireball in that it’s inspired by Geometry Wars, but Ballistic provides some over the top dual stick shooting action. It’s a space shooter with an overload of fast moving ball enemies coming at you, and you simply blast them all away.

Ballistic may provide more hectic action than any other game in the App Store with the screen jam packed with enemies, and lasers flying out of your ball ship. It’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous as well, especially on the new iPad, with the various colors bouncing around screen. There’s no single word to describe how much action there is, and everything moves at such a fast pace making it a very tense experience. There’s so much going on, and yet it’s all manageable with the silky smooth dual stick controls with an intelligent automatic firing system that you spin around. It’s simply amazing when there seems to be nowhere to move, and you’re left blasting a path through.

The game features wave and challenge mode, similar to Fireball, only with many more varied waves to play. You can begin on level one, and each level has a certain number of enemies you need to destroy to advance. There are level checkpoints along the way allowing you jump back into the heavy duty action if you want to. There are five unique challenge modes as well which vary the types of enemies you face, but all provide an overload of action. The wave mode gives you so much to do, and keep coming back to, and there are also ten types of ship enhancements to upgrade. The game also supports iCloud saving, and Game Center leaderboards and achievements to provide the total package.

Ballistic SE ($1.99, Universal) just may be the best action game in the App Store, and definitely the best of the Geometry Wars inspired games. The game is a treat for your thumbs, eyeballs, and even mind as you’re thoroughly engaged with various enemy types and patterns. Ballistic SE is a must buy that grabs you by the seat of your pants and doesn’t let go. Also, I made it through the whole review without mentioning Ballistic mode, which the game is named after, and lets you slow down time for some targeted damage.


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