Barefoot World Atlas – A Beautifully Interactive Globe

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Intuitive way to move through facts | Plenty of valuable information | Exceptional design

Could use more images per region | Zoom is a bit sticky | Some features not easily seen

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There is so much to explore on planet Earth, and the iPad offers up a big touch canvas for exploration. Barefoot World Atlas is a new app from Touch Press, makers of March of the DinosaursX is for X-RayThe ElementsSolar System, and other apps that all offer interactive resources for the iPad. Barefoot World Atlas is their newest app, and it provides a detailed look at the globe. It’s based on the physical book of the same name, and provides a cartoon world map with hundreds of hand drawn landmarks, people, and animals.

The highlight of the app is a fully interactive 3D globe that you can spin and zoom to jump all around the world. You can then tap on any object to read or listen to more about it, and view real world photos too. There are also countries to tap on, and the app provides live Wolfram|Alpha statistics including population, currency, and weather. You can also search by regions, and learn about that region’s resources and climate, among other things. There are a whole bunch of facts included that are all accessible by simply dragging, zooming, and tapping around the globe.

There is optional narration for all of the facts, and the information ranges from basic to quite advanced allowing the app to be a learning tool for all ages. One of the neatest aspects is that once you tap on an object, there is an arrow to randomly jump to another object to learn about a completely different area. There are three ways to sort all of the items to view, and there are so many ways to explore all that is included. The 3D globe is very well designed, and the entire app has retina optimized graphics for pure beauty on the new iPad.

Barefoot World Atlas ($7.99, iPad) is one of the best exploration apps there is, with so much to explore in such an intuitive way. Anyone can enjoy using and learning from this app, and it provides a brilliant atlas for your household. The app is also much cheaper than the hardcover book, and yet is so much more enjoyable to use with the brilliant design and interactive features.

Barefoot World Atlas is a should buy that defines all that’s good in iPad apps, and combines education and enjoyment into one great package.


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