Bastion – Narrating The Present & Future Of iOS

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 5/5

Such a deluxe experience | Amazing audio & visual design | Captivating gameplay & storyline

Action is a bit repetitive | Touch controls are passive & virtual controls aren't the best

The App Store is overloaded with games, but there isn’t a game like Bastion to be found. The award winning action RPG comes to the iPad from PC/XBLA, and it does so in a resounding fashion. You play as The Kid, a white haired warrior, who is one of the last remaining survivors of The Calamity, which is a catastrophic event that has left the world in pieces. Now you’re pitted to travel through these desolated regions trying to uncover the secrets of the calamity, and rebuild the world anew at the Bastion, using pieces of core scattered through the regions.

The game itself is an action RPG that is relatively familiar as you move your way through deluxe environments destroying any enemy that comes you way. Bastion offers a dual weapon system allowing you to hold two weapons to switch between which means you can have a devastating hammer and a powerful bow at your disposal to respond to different enemy types. There’s a nice weapon upgrade system as well, and you can always switch out weapons. The gameplay is extremely captivating, simply because there’s so much action at all times, and there’s always reason to keep battling forward.

The most unique aspect of Bastion is the constant narration that dictates and describes all of the action on screen, and how it relates to the overall story. The words paint a detailed picture of the reason behind all of your fighting, and it further ties you to The Kid. The story is remarkable as well, and it’s the type that you’ll want to keep playing through to reach the conclusion. There’s so much to discover in the world of Bastion, and the developers have done a great job in making you care.

The artwork is top notch as well with such varied and detailed environments that fly into place piece by piece as you move. It’s an absolute treat to see the game in motion, and it makes you truly appreciate your iPad screen. The soundtrack is outstanding as well to round out the top tier package that fully engrosses you like practically no other iOS game. The control scheme offers a touch option which makes for a passive and casual experience, but there are also the traditional virtual controls. There are some repetitive stretches intrinsic to action RPGs as you’re always tapping the attack button, but Bastion does an extraordinary job of providing great variation and engagement to make that fact irrelevant.

Bastion ($4.99, iPad) is a game changer for the iOS platform, and its addition improves the App Store catalog as a whole. Bastion is an absolute must that you will enjoy every minute of, and it’s one of the very best games you can buy for your iPad. It’s also an amazing value at $5, compared to the typical $15 price point on other platforms.


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