Battleheart Legacy – Setting A New iOS RPG Legacy

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 5/5

Tons of choices in how to play | Great battle sequences | Engaging, and lasting

Some gaps in story progression | Battles can blend together a bit


Mika Mobile takes their time to make some great iOS games with Zombieville U.S.A., OMG Pirates, and Battleheart. Now, they have gone back to Battleheart with a new Legacy variation that redefines the entire fantasy RPG that they already created. The most noticeable difference is that the game has gone from 2D cartoon artwork to a 3D world, which allows for a more fluid real time combat system. That RPG style is infused into every aspect of the game, and yet you’re not bogged down in story, or convoluted structures, and instead get a constant supply of action.
The heart of Battleheart Legacy is that you get to choose your own path in more ways than one. There’s a relatively open world map allowing you to choose which regions to to explore with a few main highlighted objectives along the way. Every action helps you to build your character in whatever form you want as you can be a knight, archer, thief, or wizard all depending on what you focus your upgrades on. There are six main skills to level up with each one better suited for different paths, and the same goes for upgrading your weaponry. If that wasn’t enough, you can also learn new abilities, which again tie into what you want your character to be, and the special abilities are the heart of the game.

Each region that you embark upon comes with a varied assortment of enemies through different regions, which are essentially rooms to battle through. You will come across goblins, ogres, dark wizards, and plenty more. Your character will constantly be surrounded by multiple enemies, and yet the action is effortlessly managed with a seamless touch based interface. You simply tap to move to continue to reposition your character during battle, and then all of your special abilities are in a tray at the bottom, and you can activate any one with a simple tap. Depending on which path you choose will dictate your special abilities, and it all comes down to timing their use against particular enemies. The battle set-ups nicely expounded upon the original Battleheart with similar base mechanics that are set-up for more complex, and intense battles.
There’s so much potential play time to be drawn from Battleheart Legacy, and the game draws you to keep coming back. The constant supply of numerous choices at your disposal is what really makes the game shine, so that two people could have completely different experiences, and the same goes for replaying the entire journey. The game does a great job of keeping you constantly engaged with the overarching map to uncover, as well as each individual battle. It’s great to see your character evolve with their new abilities, weaponry, and skills to handle all new environments, and challenges. All of it is presented with a high quality 3D design that lets you simply get lost in battling your way forward to bigger, and better battles, and rewards.

Battleheart Legacy ($4.99, Universal) is an intricately designed RPG experience with tons of action, and potential choices making it a must buy.


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