Battleship – Sinking Battleships On The Same iPad

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Length: 3.5/5

Play multiplayer on the same iPad | Great cut scenes | Classic gameplay

No online multiplayer | No social connectivity

Game Info

APP NAME: Battleship For iPad


GENRE(S): Board Game

RELEASE DATE(S): June 23rd, 2011

A classic game we all know has finally made it’s way to the iPad, and that game is Battleship. Now you can play head to head with a friend on a single iPad just like the physical board game. The game is very similar to the iPhone version, but has been nicely scaled to the iPad. The graphics are great, highlighted by the outstanding cut scenes of each shot either missing or hitting. When you do get the first hit or sink a ship, you get a close up of the boat taking damage.

The game is all about multiplayer, and you get two boards on the same screen, and can view each others moves directly. You can also connect via BlueTooth or WiFi to other iPads, iPhones, or iPod Touches around you. There is no online multiplayer, and there is no online social connectivity like Game Center. One problem with the same device multiplayer mode is that the boards are side by side, and not head to head like the classic board game. You want to be facing each other, and firing off missiles trying to sink each others’ battleship among others.

Still though, the digital experience improves upon the board game, and is the best way to play Battleship. The classic mode is included, but it does feel slow with so many misses. You can speed up the game with more firepower in the Salvo and Super Weapons mode. In Salvo mode you get as many shots as you have ships left allowing you to jump into the action quicker. Super Weapons mode gives you air strikes, copter attack, or dispersing bombs all of which hit multiple targets at once. There are also new weapons to unlock as you play more.

Battleship for iPad ($0.99, iPad) is a great example of how you remake a game for the digital age. This will be the version of Battleship you’ll want to play from this point forward. Battleship for iPad is a should buy for the price, that you’ll definitely enjoy playing with a friend.


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