Big Bang Racing – Flipping Through Tons Of Tracks

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Action puzzle based driving with fluid motion and physics | Quick online connectivity

Levels can go by quickly until you reach timer | Free to play about restrictive when creating

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Get ready to drive through obstacle course style tracks in the new iOS game Big Bang Racing. Each course is like an action puzzle that you need to figure out in real time as you’re accelerating along. One of the neatest parts is that there are thousands of levels included that are all created by other players. Big Bang Racing emphasizes online connectivity as you get to race the ghost times of other players on the same track. The game emphasizes two modes with single player obstacle courses, and online race mode to offer a level set-up as well as online racing.
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Big Bang Racing begins by giving you an offroad car, and after you upgrade it enough, you can unlock the dirt bike with all new tracks to go along with it. The single player mode can keep you busy with a whole level map of approved courses to drive on. New created tracks also float in allowing you to try them out. The game includes a feature that lets you thumb up or thumb down any track, and as all players do this, it helps determine the future tracks you will race on. As stated above, the online component emphasizes ghost races, so you don’t have to wait for everyone to connect. You get to race for the best time, and see the other opponents right next to you. The race mode plays differently, but you get to face the same type of courses, so you need to think on the fly, while racing to the finish.

Big Bang Racing includes a level editor allowing you to create your own tracks to share, and be voted on. The level editor is easy to use, and that’s what allows for so many created tracks. There are so many levels to play, and they really shine with the arcade driving experience allowing you to drop down corridors, pull off backflips, avoid explosives, ride conveyor belts, flip gravity, and more. The physics engine allows for fluid action with simply a lot going on in each course. The only real drawback is the free to play structure that limits what you can earn based on how much you play. Each single player level or race mode completed contributes to chests, but those chests take time or gems to open after earning them. There’s little to do when awaiting chests. Also, the level creator should really be emphasized, but you need to use coins to buy single use items to include in your levels. A game dependent on use created levels shouldn’t include hindrances in level creation.

Big Bang Racing (Free, Universal) is a fun arcade racing challenge that is well worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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